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A Birthday Party at CCHE 57357

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All sick children at CCHE 57357 and their mothers were invited to attend their fellow young patient Ahmed’s birthday party.

Patient Relations Desk and Volunteers decorate a wheelchair to comfort the children

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As it has already been observed before, the wheel of compassion and charity is already in motion inside CCHE 57357. It has certainly a ripple effect.

Good Prospects for Cooperation between the Health Insurance Authority and CCHE 57357

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On August 28, CCHE 57357 and the Health Insurance Authority signed a cooperation agreement.

First Tumor Board Held at CCHE 57357 on July 12, 2007.

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Last Thursday, the first tumor board meeting took place at CCHE 57357. Tumor board meetings are traditionally multi-disciplinary case presentations discussing new patients or patients with complex situations.

Dell International joins hands with their agent in Egypt on CCHE’s road to excellence in Healthcare delivery

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Last week a second group of nurses started computer skills training courses. This computer program is sponsored by the U.S. AID Agency as part of the agency’s comprehensive program to train the nurses throughout this year. Within an overall educational grant amounting to L.E.140, 000 offered by the U.S. AID

Al Ahram Newspaper’s Editor in chief

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“I invite all Egyptians to visit the hospital and to get acquainted with this great humanitarian project”

The Egyptian Australian Association Representative

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Mrs Madiha Heins, a member of the board of directors of the Egyptian Australian Association in Australia, was keen to visit the hospital and spend some time with our young patients.

A top Kuwaity Businesswoman

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Sohad El Kenayi, is a prominent Kuwaiti businesswoman. Having heard so much about CCHE 57357

Exciting Prospects of Cooperation between CCHE and prominent medical institutions

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This is a particularly exciting time at CCHE with the start-up of operations and staff and management busy with ensuring a smooth and efficient work flow.

Sick children lead a normal life inside the hospital

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We try as much as possible at CCHE 57357 to allow our young patients to lead a normal life. We also try to create a friendly, joyful, secure and interesting environment