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Child’s Day Celebrations at CCHE 57357

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With the catchy tunes of the Arab Child’s song as background music, our little patients spent a cheerful joyful day in the open air at the hospital gardens in celebration of Child’s Day. Some of the children, burdened with intravenous drip lines, soon forgot all inconvenience and suffering, and took part in the singing and drawing and enjoyed the different shows.

Campaigning in Sporting Clubs

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Within the framework of an active fundraising campaign targeting the sporting clubs, the foundation’s team consisting of Messrs.

Local and International Recognition of the CCHE 57357 Success

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Once again, we are experiencing recognition of our astounding success in establishing Hospital 57357. A Belgian team of audiovisual reporters, concerned with capturing scenes and achievements of contemporary Egypt, was keen to visit the hospital encouraged by Mrs. Yasmina Karem the wife of our Egyptian Ambassador in Belgium.

CCHE stimulates actions for protection of the environment and social awareness One of the main mission goals CCHE 57357 is determined to achieve is to become an international magnet of care. It seems that in the process, this magnet is attracting also other fields of interest such as the safe keeping and protection of the environment and social and community service awareness. Two weeks ago, the Ministry of the environment delivered to the hospital equipment and material necessary for the setting up of its Green Corner Project aimed at encouraging the youth and the staff to take action for the protection of the environment. This includes four computers, one TV set, one DVD, a scanner, a printer, books and posters. Representatives from the Ministry involved with the green corner project were invited to take part in our Child’s day celebrations next Friday. On the other hand, last Friday, on November 17th, a group of Citibank employees headed by their managing Director Mr. Nuhad Saliba and his wife, armed with all sorts of cleaning equipment embarked on a clean up operation for all the area surrounding the hospital. November 17th corresponds to Citibank’s global Community Service Day, a day where Citibank Employees around the world take it upon themselves to be involved in community work . Citibank staff distributed caps and shawls to our patients and spent some time in their company. City Bank Green Corner

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We received the interesting visit of Dr. Mohamad Islam, a radiation Oncologist from British Columbia Cancer Center in Canada who went on an extensive tour inside the hospital.