Dell International joins hands with their agent in Egypt on CCHE’s road to excellence in Healthcare delivery

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It is worthwhile reporting that Quest Advanced Systems and Technology House and Metra Computers who are agents for Dell computers in Egypt have donated 154 computers to CCHE. Moreover, DELL International, after receiving a request from the agents, is pleased to share in our project and have donated six servers, each costing $30000. Dell products are reputed for representing the state of the art technology. Dell International is proving to be a solid partner on the road to excellence for the delivery of healthcare. There are no boundaries when humanitarian work is involved.
CCHE 57357 is eager to be a learning organization. It is set out to accomplish its noble mission in the most efficient and effective manner. Successful managers know that “you can not manage what you can not measure”, as such, CCHE 57357 is keen on becoming the first fully automated medical institution in Egypt. This newly acquired Dell technology will assist the hospital administration in the effective delivery of proper healthcare and the assessment, evaluation and synchronization of patient and hospital data for the proper and efficient conduct of operations at the hospital. Moreover, with a good information system, we would be able to keep, maintain and update statistics so as to acquire a thorough database and a solid reliable pediatric cancer registry. As such, we could act as the indispensable destination and center for pediatric cancer information.
Despite the fact that the hospital is delivering healthcare, free of charge for children with cancer, and because the establishment of CCHE 57357 rests upon the generous donations and contributions of all Egyptians, the hospital administration is stressing on the absolute necessity of preserving transparency and efficiency in the use of all our resources for the sake of accountability to our contributors and as an expression of who we are and of the ethics we value. Computer technology will ensure that all financial data is to properly recorded, calculated and measured so as to develop a solid and sound budget plan.