First Tumor Board Held at CCHE 57357 on July 12, 2007.

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Last Thursday, the first tumor board meeting took place at CCHE 57357. Tumor board meetings are traditionally multi-disciplinary case presentations discussing new patients or patients with complex situations. As such, doctors, specialists and nurses involved in the treatment of a newly admitted case were invited to attend this meeting at three o’clock on Thursday, July 12. The purpose of this tumor board meeting is the provision of an educational framework within which oncologists, pathologists, surgeons, lab specialties, radiologists, radiotherapists, intensivists, nursing, pharmacists and psychosocial workers would brainstorm and engage in intense discussions, informed decision making and treatment planning for any given case.

This first tumor board meeting was hosted and organized by the fundraising department and the audio visual team with the purpose of initiating the habit of holding such informative meetings on a regular basis, and the ultimate vision of continuously striving for excellence in the delivery of healthcare. Under the patronage of Dr.Hani Hussein and Dr. Sherif Abou El Naga, the meeting found a favorable response from CCHE staff. Dr.Sherif was keen to introduce to CCHE’s care providers some of the members of the fundraising team who were present at the start of the meeting. Dr.Sherif stressed the importance of creating an atmosphere of collegial cooperation between the CCHF and the newly established CCHE. The tumor board meeting which lasted around an hour and a half included a tutorial session from Cure 4 Kids website about tumour lysis.