Good Prospects for Cooperation between the Health Insurance Authority and CCHE 57357

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On August 28, CCHE 57357 and the Health Insurance Authority signed a cooperation agreement. Present during the contract signing ceremony were Mr. Said Rateb, head of the governmental authority, Mrs. Ola Ghabour, secretary general of CCHF 57357, and Dr. Hani Hussein, CEO of CCHE 57357. The Health Insurance Authority is one of the most important national agencies for the provision of health and insurance services in Egypt.

Dr. Said Rateb declared that the Health Insurance Authority is always keen on encouraging and supporting leading successful health organizations which provide a superior quality of healthcare. As a matter of fact, one of the conditions for this Authority for cooperating with other health institutions is that they would provide a certain level of standard high quality healthcare and health services. As such, this governmental authority is pleased to open doors for cooperation with CCHE 57357, whose mission is to strive continuously for the provision of excellent healthcare in the field of cancer children care. Moreover, CCHE has proved to be a worthwhile project inasmuch as it was able to rally the support and contributions of all segments of the Egyptian society.

Likewise, Mrs. Ola Ghabour, expressed how pleased she was with recent positive developments related to the insurance and health services in Egypt. Also, Dr. Hani Hussein was impressed by the number of conditions and requirements which have to be met in order to be able to work jointly with the Health Insurance Authority. All those requirements are a clear indication that this governmental body is keen on maintaining and preserving a certain good standard quality of healthcare.