Sick children lead a normal life inside the hospital

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We try as much as possible at CCHE 57357 to allow our young patients to lead a normal life. We also try to create a friendly, joyful, secure and interesting environment for our sick children which will eventually be subjected to lengthy hospitalization periods. As such, our Color for Peace program was conceived out of the recognition by CCHE 57357 of the importance of art and a pleasant atmosphere in precipitating the healing process of our little patients. Furthermore, the interior design of the rooms of the hospital plays a major role in ensuring a clean, healthy, comfortable, and orderly environment. Bright colorful pictures and cute Disney characters are hanging on the walls. Play areas are available inside and outside the building.

Abdel Rahman is 6 years old. Just a few weeks ago, he was diagnosed with leukemia. He has a passion for computers. His father was able to secure for Abdel Rahman the installment of his private home computer inside his room at the hospital. Abdel Rahman, is able as such, to be entertained and to feel he is not far from home.

Nader is another leukemia patient, he is three years old. He was admitted as an in-patient. He is strongly attached to his mother and it is practically impossible to separate him from her. With the help of the social worker and the psychologist, Nader is now comfortable with spending most of the time in the play room. Nader’s mother is torn between her six months old baby girl whom she left with her mother; and her in-patient son whom she has to attend to. Taking into consideration her special circumstances, the hospital’s administration allowed her to receive frequent visits of her baby daughter. Nader’s mother is appreciative of the order and privacy one enjoys at CCHE. She is also grateful for the staff’s special care and attention for scattered families due to lengthy hospitalization periods of one member.

Malak is a 14 year old sweet and sensitive young girl. Brilliant student, loved by all her classmates, she is also a volley ball champion. Diagnosed with leukemia, she already started treatment and goes through all the pain and suffering with courage and faith. With a fighting spirit and a nice smile, she looks forward to the day she would go back to her school, friends, and volley ball tournaments. She is grateful for the support of her family, friends and hospital staff.