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Akhbar El Yom Newspaper stresses its intention to continuously support Hospital 57357

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The Fundraising Team at the CCHF received a warm and eloquent letter from Dr.Mohamed Ahdy Fadly , Chairman of the Board of the Akhbar El Yom newspaper, in which Dr. Ahdy is thanking the CCHF for sending to his institution expressions of gratitude and appreciation for its on-going support to the Foundation.

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of the United Kingdom holds first ever training session for Training Pediatricians outside of the UK at CCHE 57357!

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Through a true model of collaboration, Ain Shams University and Hospital 57357 hosted the first ever session for young doctors around the Middle East who are seeking to obtain their Board qualifications from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons as pediatricians.

Nadine’s Life Changing Experience: A story about Courage and Compassion

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Faith in God, refusal to submit to despair, and determination were Nadine’s weapons to go through her tragic experience and turn it into a positive beneficial one to others.

A voyage of discovery

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Six months have passed since the opening of the Cairo Children’s Cancer Hospital (CCHE), a project that epitomises Egyptians’ collective effort to provide free treatment for those in need through making charitable donations. The hospital, known as “57357″ after the number of its bank account to which donations can be sent, now treats some 760 patients, 40 of whom are from Arab countries.

” Welad Misr” Association Organizes an Event for the Children of Hospital 57357

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The Welad Misr Association headed by Mr. Mohamed El Okda organized an entertaining event for the children of Hospital 57357. The event included educational and recreational programs such as the visit of a clown to the In-patients rooms inviting them and leading them to the location of the party and offering them gifts and toys.

Eminent Harvard University and Dana Farber Cancer Institute Physicians Visit CCHE 57357

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The CCHE 57357 was recently visited by Dr. Mark Kieran, pediatric neuro-oncologist and Dr. Peter Black, neuro-surgeon who are eminent physicians from the world renowned Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard University to conduct the first intensive training sessions for the CCHE physicians and staff about brain tumours under the sponsorship of Schering Plough.

The Association of Egyptian Physicians in England chooses the CCHE as one of the recipients of their support and contributions.

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Dr. Magdi Ishak , is an orthopedic surgeon who emigrated to England some 35 years ago. Dr Ishak is currently the head of the Egyptian Medical Society United Kingdom for a period of 4 years.

A very Special Visit By Her Majesty Queen Sofia of Spain and Mrs Suzanne Moubarak to the CCHE

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Mrs . Suzanne Moubarak invited her esteemed and distinguished guest ,Queen Sofia of Spain, to tour the premises of the Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357. The Queen is accompanying her husband, His Majesty the King of Spain on an official visit to Egypt. The first Lady of Egypt is always keen on drawing the spot light on project 57357 as one of the great achievements of contemporary Egypt and one of the most prominent pediatric oncology healthcare institutions in the Middle East.

Digging into the past, a Portuguese Journalist stumbles on the future

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The vision of the Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 clearly stipulates that the hospital aspires to becoming an international magnet of care.