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Hospital 57357 celebrates “Earth Day”

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Under the patronage of the Cairo Governor Abdel Azim Wazir, and with the help and participation of school and University students, hospital 57357 organized an event in celebration of “Earth day” on Friday, April 18th whereby 100 trees were to be planted around the hospital.

Dr. Jan De Kraker, Renowned Kidney Tumour Specialist spends a Week at CCHE

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I was slightly nervous as I was asked to interview one of the most eminent specialists in the management of Wilm’s disease; a form of cancer, in children, that attacks the kidney. Dr. J. de Kraker is a Dutch Consultant in paediatric oncology and haematology at the Academic Medical Centre of the University of Amsterdam.

The CCHE 57357 is awarded the WHO’s United Arab Emirates health Foundation Prize for 2008

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A formal letter was received by Mrs. Mubarak, president of the board of trustees of the foundation of the Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt informing her that the executive board of the World Health Organization (WHO) awarded the Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt the United Arab Emirates health Foundation Prize for 2008.

CCHF: Healthcare system (Egypt)

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Egyptian’s Children’s Cancer Hospital Foundation (CCHF) has selected Kansas-based IT healthcare specialist Cerner Corporation as system provider for the Children’s Cancer hospital Egypt 57357 (pictured).

Cooperation between CCHE 57357 & IMS

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I was truly touched yesterday by the level of commitment of everyone, by the level of advanced research and development, by the quality standards and processes

Students from the Faculty of “Al Tarbeya Al Naweia” choose 57357 as the topic of their final graduation project

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A creative idea and a nice gesture on the part of a group of students from the school of applied education specializations, media department, who chose hospital 57357 to be the topic of their final graduation project.

Police Recruits donate their blood to the children of CCHE 57357

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Within the framework of the celebrations of” The Recruit’s Day” “Al Moganad’s Day”, the Central Department for the Training of Security Forces chose to visit Hospital 57357 to spend a full day in company of the sick children as well as to participate in the blood donation program of the hospital.

A Look to the Future

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Hope is the artery of life. Only desperate people are unable to reach the other shore of the river. They can come back from where they came or they will drown.