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Two recent fatwas(advisory opinion)by Daar EL Iftaa and Sheikh El Kardawy approve Hospital 57357’s collection of Zakat, sadaka ,and Waqf for the benefit of Scientific Research

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In its released fatwa (advisory opinion) related to the Scientific and Technological Waqf Project

Agenda for Professor Dr. David Webb

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Professor David Webb, renowned Pediatric Oncologist from England who is a specialist in Acute Myeloblastic Leukemia management is coming for a week of teaching and case management consultations.


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CAIRO: The Marathon of Hope is coming to Egypt for the first time today.

The most valuable donation for 57357: 6 pounds received from a very modest family

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It’s a new day in hospital 57357 , I see compassionate Egyptians from all over Egypt racing to help draw a smile on the faces of our children in 57357

Supporting El Zamalek Soccer Team versus Supporting 57357

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The Author is relating the reactions and feedback of his readers for an article in which he was releasing all his frustration for the bad scores this team is continuously marking

Hospital 57357 hosts the launching of an Italian NGO (AIL)’s event to spread awareness about Leukemia

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Hospital 57357 hosted the launching event for a bicycle expedition across Upper Egypt organized by the Italian Association for fighting Leukemia in Padova (AIL)