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Pathology Program Scope of Service

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Attending and participating in the following weekly meetings:

1- Combined clinic of Wilms’, Neuroblastoma, RMS, hepatoblastoma

2- – Combined clinic of Retinoblastoma .

CCHE 57357 Nursing Department Vision and Mission

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CCHE 57357 Nursing Department Vision

To enrich the lives of children with cancer and their families by alleviating suffering through compassionate,

CCHE 57357 Nursing Department Goals

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To work collaboratively to provide the highest level of patient centered care through evidence-based practice.

Nursing Education

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Believing strongly that a well educated nurse is essential in delivering quality care to our complex group of patients, the CCHE Nursing Department ensures that all nurses receive a standard orientation addressing pediatric oncology nursing care.


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Our pathology researchers seek to uncover innovative new approaches to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of children’s diseases while sharing our results with the research community at large.

Meet the staff:

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Dr. Hala Taha, Chairman Full C.V

Dr. Naglaa Abdel Raheem Al Kinnai , Consultant. Full C.V

Dr. Iman Gouda Farahat , Consultant. Full C.V

Dr. Iman Loay , Consultant. Full C.V

Dr. Hoda Zeinab Magid Amer , Specialist Full C.V

Who we are

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Pathology is the study of the nature of disease, including its causes, development and consequences.

Pathology is the bridge between basic science and patient care.

Pathology is the final diagnosis.

The Newly Appointed Qatari Ambassador visits Hospital 57357: A messenger of compassion, goodwill, and Arab brotherhood

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Hospital 57357 was privileged to receive the visit of HE, Ambassador Saleh Ben Abdallah Albou Aineen, the newly appointed Qatari Ambassador to Egypt.