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Ongoing support and contributions from the Brotherly Kuwaiti People

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Generous Gift to Hospital 57357 delivered through the Kuwaiti office for charity projects in Cairo

Mr. Ismail Abdullah Al-Kandary Director of the Kuwaiti office for charitable projects in Cairo visited recently the hospital to deliver a check on behalf of one of a generous Kuwaiti donor

After winning Mubarak’s prize, Dr. Mustafa Al-Fiqi allocates part of the prize value for the benefit of the Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357

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Dr. Mustafa Al-Fiqi, Head of the Foreign Affairs committee at the People’s Assembly, received Mubarak’s award in social sciences and announced that he is devoting part of the value of the prize for The Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357

Diagnosis and Primary Treatment of Pediatric Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL)

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Thomas G. Gross