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Hospital 57357 is the launching point for an awareness campaign led by the American Arab Cultural Center& “Samraa Khalijia” Magazine for the fight against children’s cancer.

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With the advent of the Holy Month of Ramadan, the American Arab Cultural Center together with “Samraa Khalijia” Magazine launched a campaign entitled “Join the Fight against children’s cancer”

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Whenever you get the chance to see with your own eyes whatever you have heard about, you will never be subject to deception, either because of exaggeration or underestimation of reality by your informant

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57357 hospital

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A fact that should not be ignored

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This is the story of a very simple man who is both a poet and an artist at heart. He owns a bookshop in the town of Malawi

After winning Mubarak’s prize, Dr. Mustafa Al-Fiqi allocates part of the prize value for the benefit of CCHE 57357

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I am pleased that Hospital 57357 is a fine example for what team work can accomplish in cooperation with civil society’s institutions for the benefit and comprehensive care of children with cancer. I am pleased [...]

linking the two interviews with emphasis on Dr. Abdel Azim’s contribution

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A team of Key responsible CHLA Physicians visits Hospital 57357 Team Member,Dr. Hesham Abdel Azim

A Generous Kuwaiti Lady presented a kind donation to support The Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357

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Mr. Ismail Abdullah Al-Kandary,Director of the Kuwaiti office for charitable projects in Cairo visited recently the hospital to deliver a check on behalf of one of a generous Kuwaiti donors.