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Outreaching initiative by Siemens benefiting the Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt

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In a bright and outreaching initiative, Siemens Healthcare Communication in the Middle East in coordination with Siemens healthcare Egypt sponsored and organized a two –day visit to Egypt featuring the Children’s Cancer hospital Egypt

Habib Ali Visits 57357; Children’s Cancer Hospital in Cairo

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At the beginning of Ramadan Habib Ali al-Jifri visited the children of Hospital 57357 in Cairo. He spent the first day of the blessed month with them,

Visit to 57357 Hospital

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On Wednesday, February 17, 2010 The Director of the Center of Excellence for Research on Osteoporosis and his deputy visited the Children’s Cancer Hospital “57357″, Cairo,

A Group of Egyptian Rhythmic Gymnasts, Youth Olympic Games winners, visit Hospital 57357 and donate part of their prize value to the children

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“The hospital is established with the strong passion, faith and absolute determination of the Egyptian people”

Hospital 57357, A magnet of care, A magnet of charitable giving

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It was around two in the afternoon. We were gathered in the graphic department on the Foundation’s third floor listening to Dr. Sherif AbouEl Naga’s daily directives during Ramandan when a very old