Hospital 57357 Story

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The Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 is one of the most inspiring stories in recent times about how a dream of a few dedicated citizens to alleviate suffering for Egyptian children with cancer became a reality by rising to the challenge of creating a new healthcare system becoming an icon of change and a beacon of hope for millions.

“Somewhere, children dance to the joyous music of life, and elsewhere they only cling to existence….they are all ours” Unknown

Egypt’s population between 0-19 years of age in 2005 was projected to be 43% of the total population of 74 million. The US government SEER report, “Cancer Incidence and Survival in Children and Adolescents, 1975-1995”, stated that there is 150 children per million under 20 years diagnosed yearly with cancer. According to the WHO in their Global Action Against Cancer 2005 document, there are over 160,000 children globally diagnosed with cancer yearly, with 90,000 children dying yearly; 80% of these children live in developing countries.
According to the SEER report, the probability of developing cancer before the age of 20 years is 1 in 300. Therefore, each year it is estimated that there are approximately 8400 children in Egypt estimated to develop cancer. Twenty- forty percent of these children will die due to lack of adequate treatment and facilities, as well as advanced technology. Today in the West, as a result of intensive treatments, state of the art facilities, and a specialized pediatric oncology healthcare team; 80-85%% of children survive cancer. Egypt, the Middle East and Africa needed a centre of excellence dedicated only for children with cancer to achieve these rates.