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Kalemny Chat
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Children’s Cancer Hospital (57357)

Find out the latest news in the CCHE Pharmacy Department

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Find out the latest news in the CCHE Pharmacy Department as well as international news regarding drug bulletins and clinical pharmacy.
American System of Health Care Pharmacists Top 25 most read articles in 2010. click here

Pediatric Oncology Department Overview

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Unlike other hospitals where pediatric oncology is just a small but significant program in a hospital, CCHE is uniquely positioned in that our entire focus is on children with cancer. CCHE is proud of its hard working group of pediatric oncologists who have been instrumental in establishing a new level of pediatric oncology healthcare in Egypt. CCHE is proud that we have achieved a 75-80% survival rate and are having 170,000 patient visits per year!

Areas of Focus

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Conditions treated in our Department.

1)All complex brain tumors including;

Supratentorial tumors


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Role of Intraoperative Ultrasound in resection of paediatric brain tumors (Child’s nervous system Jan. 2010)
Endoscopic third ventriculostomy in children with posterior fossa tumors, CCHE experience (Child’s nervous system May 2010)
Surgical management of Craniopharyngiomas in children: Children’s Cancer

Hospital, Egypt (2 years experience), E.J.N.S. Vol. 25 No.1 June, 2010.


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Mohamed A. EL Beltagy, MD

Director of Neurosurgery Dep. Children’s Hospital Egypt 57357

Academic Title: Ass. Professor of Neurosurgery, Cairo University

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zakat calculator

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Petroleum sector companies Sidi Kreir and Balaeem demonstrate on-going support to Hospital 57357

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The past two weeks witnessed great manifestations of support to the Hospital from two national petroleum sector companies Sidi Kreir and Balaeem.

Egypt Youth Radio Visiting the Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 Monday Sept 5,2011

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A number of young people, members of “Egypt’s youth radio” visited Hospital 57357 to spend the day entertaining the children within the framework of a campaign sponsored by the radio entitled “Youth and charity”.

On the occasion of New Year and Christmas celebrations, Captain Ahmed Hassan visits the 57357 children:

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The National Football Team Captain reveals: “Hospital 57357 is an oasis of hope and Serenity amid the outbreak of violence during recent incidents; this hospital is indeed an oasis where dedicated Christian and Muslim men and women work hand in hand to cure all children with cancer regardless of creed, race or ability to pay.”