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«Nour Mariam» series speaks about 57357 as a model of charity and healthcare

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Egyptian drama production has been significantly scaled back after Egypt’s 25th of January revolution. It resumed with the “ Nour Mariam” series, which depicts the active participation of citizens from all walks of life in the youth uprising.

Khaled Shalaby embarks on crossing the English Channel for the second time after 28 years

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The Egyptian swimmer , Khaled Shalaby, has set the date of Aug. 18, 2011 to cross the English Channel swimming for the second time after 28 years.

Meet the Media Team

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Public Relations: Our busy public relations office situated in the reception of the hospital welcomes all donors and visitors to 57357 receiving donations, providing guided tours and hosting events. This busy department receives over 12,000 visitors annually being open 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Ramadan 2011

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It is our aim this year to provide food baskets for our poor patients and workers at the National Cancer Institute. Any contribution of food is welcome. To feed a family of 4 for a month, [...]

Terms of Use

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AGREEMENT BETWEEN USER AND Hospital 57357 English Website
The Hospital 57357 English Website Web Site is comprised of various Web pages operated by Hospital 57357 English Website.
The Hospital 57357 English Website Web Site is offered to [...]

CCHF overview

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The Children’s Cancer Hospital Foundation 57357 (CCHF) was established in December 2003 as the first strategic phase preparing for opening of the hospital. While the Association of Friends of the National Cancer Institute [AFNCI] founded the project, initiating the fundraising campaign,planning and construction

Volunteer Department Rights

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The CCHE has the right to:

* Place volunteers based on their interests and skills and the needs of
the CCHE.

Volunteer Department Responsibilities

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The CCHE has the responsibility to:

* Engage volunteers in a worthwhile experience to accomplish the
goals of the CCHE.

Volunteer Rights

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Receive adequate information and a clear job description of what is
expected and to understand why they are doing a task and how it fits
into the broader program.

Volunteer Responsibilities

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We ask that our volunteers agree to:

* Be reliable and commit, where possible, to regular day/s and time of
work so tasks can be planned accordingly