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57357 Corporate Giving Program

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This program was created to ensure donor loyalty and sustainability of the 57357 projects. The participants in this program are employers and employees who wish to make a contribution to supporting our children.

The Corporate Giving Program was initially called the One Pound program signifying that as little as one pound per month could help us in our work at 57357.

The employee determines the value of the donation which will be deducted from his or her monthly salary and for the duration he wishes to contribute. Employers may wish to match the amount that their employees pledge which then is forwarded on an ongoing basis to CCHF 57357 providing us with a steady income towards operating expenses. Until now over 700 companies and institutions are participating in the Corporate Giving Program.

57357 Corporate Giving Program Mission

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Our mission is to have participation of all sectors of Egyptian society (public and private sectors) in the 57357 Corporate Giving Program to support CCHF 57357 in its various activities and encouraging social responsibility both from employers and employees.

57357 Corporate Giving Program Objectives:

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1. Reaching all companies, institutions, bodies and various sectors to promote the concept of social responsibility through ongoing monthly donations by employers and employees for the support of 57357.
2. Marketing all [...]

Web Technologies Best Practice

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Web Technologies Best Practice

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Become a volunteer

Participate in an event

Become a corporate sponsor

Introduce 57357 to your friends and family.

Single donation

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Thank you for making a gift to the Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt Foundation 57357. Your support for Hospital 57357 and other projects are helping us to fulfill our vision and mission for children with cancer in Egypt. Your support as our valued donor and partner is curing our children with cancer.

Hospital 57357 has brought world class healthcare to our children with cancer

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Since opening July 7, 2007 as a result of the donations from millions of generous Egyptians, Hospital 57357 has brought world class healthcare to our children with cancer and in that short time has improved their survival rate to 70%

06 Jun 2011

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06 Jun 2011

03 Jun 2011

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ASCO Annual Congress

Event Dates:
03 Jun – 07 Jun, 2011

Event Time:
08:00 – 06:00

Chicago, Illinois


Event Link:

Attala E , Abo-Elenein H , Ammar H , El-desoky I

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“Comparison of Dosimetric Charactristics of Siemens Virtual and Physical Wedges for ONCOR Linear Accelerator”