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Psychosocial Oncology Overview

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The CCHE 57357 Psychosocial Department is the first of its kind in Egypt recognizing that psychosocial oncology is a unique specialization meeting the unique needs of a patient and family faced with the devastation of [...]

Meet the Psychosocial Oncology Team

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The team consists of psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers who are a dedicated group of professionals addressing the emotional needs of the child and their families.

1- Psychiatrists:

a. Asst. Prof. Mohamed Ezat Amin, Head of the department

b. Asst. Prof. Mohamed Nasr Eldin Consultant


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Introduce the best psychiatric and psychological care for the child with cancer and his /her family through a multi-disciplinary team approach so they will find ways to improve quality of life, manage their fears, and [...]


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To love our work and be proud of our expert role in the psycho social care of our patients.

2. To practice lifelong learning and put the knowledge into practice to improve the psychosocial care for our patients.

Services provided

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1- Crisis intervention after the shock of being diagnosed by cancer.

2- Teaching coping skills to patients and families while facing malignancy.

Principles of practice

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The Psychiatric Oncology department of the CCHE recognizes that to provide best practices for our patients and families they must adhere to guidelines and principles of practice that have been developed.. The Psychiatric Oncology Department [...]


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Pharmaceutical Care is a process of drug therapy management which is patient centered ,drug focused and outcome oriented; in which the pharmacist make a therapeutic relationship with the patient in order to identify patient drug related needs, identify ,prevent, manage and treat patient drug related problems. The goal of pharmaceutical care is to optimize patient medication experience and optimize medication therapy outcomes.


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The vision of the CCH E 57357 Department of Pharmaceutical Services is to improve the survival rate and quality of life of the children with cancer.


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The CCHE 57357 Department of Pharmaceutical Services will provide state-of-art comprehensive pharmaceutical care that is patient centered; focusing on evidence based innovative techniques and scientific research, to reduce morbidity and mortality of children with cancer.

Training programs

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The Department of Pharmaceutical Services offers certified undergraduate and postgraduate clinical training programs covering all pharmacy activities.  For further information, please fill out the following application.