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Organizational Structure

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Vision and Mission Statement

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CCHE Department of Surgery Vision

Our vision is to be locally, nationally and internationally recognized as a leading academic department in pediatric oncology surgery


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CCHE 57357 surgical oncology department has performed more than 3400 major surgeries since opening in 2007 and more than 2000 minor procedures. The highly specialized department has surgical teams focused on surgical oncology,

Neurosurgery Program Overview

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Brain and Spinal Cord Tumors

Cancer Children’s Hospital Egypt 57357 has the largest pediatric brain tumor center in the Middle East. Each year, our Neurosurgery team treats about 150 to 200 children with brain or spinal cord tumors, using the most up-to-date surgical procedures and equipment. The center is considered a referral center for all complex brain and spinal cord tumors from all over the Middle East. Over the past 3 years we have operated around 650 brain and spinal cord tumors with an overall survival comparable to international data from the best children hospital in the world (85%-100%)

Kuwaiti Islamic Preacher Mohamed El Awadi during his recent visit to 57357

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Since the initial phases of the establishment of Hospital 57357, Kuwait was one of the early countries to support this renowned leading healthcare institution, says El Awadi during his visit to the premises last Thursday,

Meet the Staff

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Employee Name



Eng. Reda Atta
Head of Engineering Department


Eng. Adel Youssef
Projects Manager


 Reham Mohamed
Secretary/ Administrator

 Yasser Amer
Secretary/ Data entry/ Call centre clerk

Sherif Magdy

Ali Abdel Rasoul
Medical Gase Technician

Eng. Mohamed Wasfy
Sr. Mechanical Engineer

Eng. Ahmed Youssef
Sr. Biomedical Engineer

Eng. Adel Meselhy
Electrical Engineer

Eng. Ahlam [...]

Naming Opportunity

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The concept of honoring important people by naming a street, square, park, building, etc. after them is an age old and popular way of paying tribute. The 57357 Naming Opportunity program is a modification of [...]

Orthopedic Oncology Program Overview

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The orthopedic department in CCHE is considered one of the very few specialized pediatric orthopedic oncology practices in the Middle East. Our main concern is the treatment of children diagnosed with malignant bone tumors.

Surgical Procedures

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How do we replace bone after tumor resection?

- Vascularized bone grafts and growing epiphyseal transfer.


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We see all patients for pre-surgery and post follow-up in the Multi-Specialty Clinic, 3rd floor.