CCHE 57357 Core Values and Code of Ethics

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The CCHE 57357 Core Values and Code of Ethics were developed to reflect the beliefs and standards that the 57357 family needs to achieve a center of excellence.


As a children’s cancer hospital and as individuals committed to serving children and their families we have the following values:

  1. Love and respect for all children-we recognize that children are individuals and deserve the same love and respect as we expect for ourselves especially in the face of catastrophic illness.
  2. Integrity—build relationships on trust and respect for each other
  3. Accountability—we are accountable to all stakeholders of the CCHE 57357 community: patients, families, colleagues, donors, public, government and educational agencies.
  4. Professionalism—-we conduct all communication and interaction with the utmost professional standards and codes of conduct.
  5. Teamwork and partnership—-collaboration fosters efficiency and effectiveness
  6. Thirst for knowledge— we seek to continually expand knowledge for personal and professional development.
  7. Questioning mind—will see what no one else has seen and applies evidence based principles.
  8. Creativity—to be creative in all that we do and appreciate creativity in others.
  9. Change— we value change as positive for continuous improvement of the organization and the individual.
  10. Diversity—-the talents and opinions of all are considered as valuable to the organization’s culture.
  11. Social responsibility—we recognize our responsibility to our local and world community to provide a centre of excellence.
  12. Passion for excellence—to be the best in all we say and do.



Children’s Cancer Hospital of Egypt 57357 Ethics Statement

The Children’s Cancer Hospital of Egypt 57357 has adopted the following ethics statement recognizing our accountability to our patients, families, employees and our community.

1. Commitment to the hospital mission and vision. We are committed to supporting the mission and vision of the hospital and the core values in all our activities.

2. Ethical conduct: We are dedicated to an atmosphere of honesty and integrity in all aspects of operation by promoting the highest level of ethical conduct.

3. To provide availability and quality care to all patients and their families: We view all patients regardless of race, creed or ability to pay as equal and as such deserve the same standard of care. We will provide the patient and their family with as clear information as possible about the benefits and risks of all treatment to allow them to make informed decisions.  We will respect the right of families to make treatment decisions recognizing their role in the healthcare team.

4. Patient and Information Confidentiality: We adhere to the CCHE 57357 policies of confidentiality for all patient and institutional information to protect the patient and hospital from unauthorized use or disclosure of information.

5. Resolution of conflicts: We will do our best to resolve conflicts with patients and employees using standards and practice of conflict resolution and conciliation that are set in the administration policies.

6. To practice fair employee practices: We are dedicated to practicing benchmark employee practices by providing a safe work place, no discrimination based on gender, creed, or age; and meeting the current local standards for compensation and benefits.

7. Conflict of interest: The CCHE 57357 policy requires board members employees, and clients to reveal conflict of interest situations to ensure the protection of the hospital in decision making and all its administrative activities.

8. Financial accountability: The CCHE 57357 administration and staff recognize the generous contributions of our donors and seek to efficiently and effectively utilize the funds allocated for patient care and programs.

9. Compliance with Governmental Laws and International Standards: The CCHE 57357 complies with all pertinent laws and regulations for hospitals in Egypt as well as complying with all international industry standards and requirements for healthcare practice and management. The CCHE 57357 has compliance policies to oversee that all personnel adhere to legal, regulatory and institutional requirements.