Vision and Mission

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Vision Statement

The vision of the Department of Academic Affairs, Research and Outreach for CCHE is to be recognised as one of the world’s leading centres noted for academic and research excellence in paediatric oncology.

Mission of the CCHE 57357 Research

Department is to conduct, facilitate and support innovative & quality research for prevention and cure of cancer in children. We will also integrate research culture & its practices in all hospital activities.

[Challenging the frontiers of cure for our kids with cancer by providing the highest standards of care.].


We will accomplish this mission by:

1. Conducting fundamental research to discover causes of cancer, translating basic research findings into effective medical practice and generating new scientific discoveries.

2. Developing and implementing best operational practices and quality measurement to maximize quality of data and outcome when applying Standard treatment protocols.

3. Facilitating team work amongst all disciplines including patients & their families to encourage passion for research. We believe that the richness of our data has the power to change cancer treatment throughout the world and enable CCHE to be an international leader in research.

4. Supporting investigators and research teams by providing advanced research technologies and providing mean for effective communication.

5. Pursuing and organizing collaborative research activities with local, regional and international organizations with adherence to CCHE 57357, national and international research regulations, policies and standards.

6. Prevention, patient education & public awareness are a major adjunct to improve results & increase patient survival.