Research Department Overview

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The CCHE 57357 Research Department is under the direction of the Vice President of Academic Affairs, Research and Outreach, Dr. Sherif Abouelnaga who developed the department in 2009 with a diverse group of healthcare professionals: epidemiology, molecular biology, physicians, pharmacists, and nurses.  Dr. Sameera Ezzat, epidemiologist, is the director of the department with Dr. Shahenda El Naggar, molecular biologist, as Director of Basic Research.


Believing that research is the foundation for healthcare and society advancement, the CCHE research mission statement declares “ through fostering innovation, creation and teamwork we will integrate research in all our activities.”  This has led to the development of a Scientific Medical Advisory Committee, Internal Review Board, a Research Department Handbook, a new profession in Egypt known as Clinical Research Associates, and several publications from the disease strategy groups. CCHE administration and staff are proud that research is an integral part of the hospital strategy and work.


The areas of activities are pediatric cancer, epidemiology, molecular biology, pathology, pharmaco-kinetics, and it is our hope to expand into healthcare policy, healthcare management, nursing, translational research. Longterm strategy includes the construction of a research institute where CCHE staff and researchers can conduct their activities with optimum conditions for the optimum results.

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