The mandate of the CCHE 57357 research department is to:

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The mandate of the CCHE 57357 Research Department is to:

  • Develop and implement Clinical Treatment Protocols for all pediatric malignancies treated at CCHE 57357
  • Develop and oversee implementation of Supportive Care Protocols
  • Produce scientific publications.
  • Acquire grants for research related projects.
  • To develop and maintain a Bio-repository

b) Services:

  • Liaising and facilitating collaboration among the multidisciplinary team to achieve quality patient centered care from evidence based medicine and good clinical practice [GCP] standards.
  • Maintain up to date consistent data management system and statistical data analysis
  • Maintain up to date consistent Cancer Registry data
  • Monitoring results, compliance and quality of data to increase efficiency for clinical and supportive protocols management.
  • Establishing a continuous research culture and Shared Knowledge among the CCHE multidisciplinary team.
  • Planning and coordinating for outreach collaboration in area of research.

c) Personnel:

  • Maintain a qualified trained professional pool of employees through continuous professional development.

d) Credible Image:

  • On the National Level:

I.            Provide support to the Hospital Strategy and fundraising opportunities.

II.            Seek opportunities for research with reputable medical and research centers in Egypt.

  • On the International Level:

I.            Seek  opportunities for collaboration and align with reputable medical cancer institutes worldwide.