Scientific and Medical Advisory Committee (SMAC)

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The SMAC consists of 25 members selected to provide a broad base of clinical and basic science research expertise. The purpose of SMAC  is to develop the strategic direction to be conducted in regards to clinical treatment protocols and research.  The committee reviews all submitted clinical /research protocols and proposals for scientific and ethical acceptability and safety to participants prior to IRB submission. In addition their responsibilities include:

  1. Review protocol amendments, relevant safety information, consent forms and structure of protocols.
  2. Ethical and scientific review of externally sponsored Clinical protocols/ research projects regarding:
  • whether scientific methods sound,
  • safety
  • level of collaboration,
  • economic benefits
  • whether responsive  to clinical and research priorities of  CCHE 57357,
  • understanding of customs and traditions,
  • means of obtaining informed consent,
  • competence of research team
  1. 3. Development, implementation and ongoing evaluation of SMAC management policies regarding the following:
  • procedures for SMAC review of clinical protocols/research
  • Committee membership-composition and selection, voting procedures, length of terms.
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Activities and resources



The CCHE 57357 Research Department staff are available to answer questions about regulations related to SMAC review and approval, human participant protections, and relevant institutional policies and procedures.  The Research Department is responsible for ensuring that the document is amended according to SMAC and/or IRB recommendations and is ready for re-submission. The Research Department is also responsible for archiving and follow- up of SMAC decisions.

SMAC  Committee Members are:

1-Dr/ Sherif Abouelnaga

2-Dr/ Sameera Ezzat

3-Dr/ Alaa El-Hadad

4-Dr/ Iman Sidhom

5-Dr/ Manal Zamzam

6-Dr/ Lobna Shalaby

7-Dr/ Mohamed Saad Zaghloul

8-Dr/ Mohamed El-Shamy

9-Dr/ Hala Taha

10-Dr/ Tarek Mansour

11-Dr/ Nayera El-Shakenkery

12-Dr/ Sherif Kamal

13-Hoda El Shibiny

14-Dr/ Majed El-Shafiey

15-Dr/ Amal Refaat

16-Dr/ Mohamed El-Beltagy

17-Dr/ Magda Azer

18-Dr/ Maggie Louis

20-Dr/ Ali Moustafa

21-Dr/ Shahenda El-Naggar

22-Ms/ Neama Fouad

23-Eng/ Mohamed Arafat