The role of the CCHE Department of Research is

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  • Facilitating the development, implementation and ongoing operation of the clinical protocols/research studies


  • Statistical validity of study design,
  • Appropriateness of endpoints, and
  • The accrual potential of a study ensuring that clinical protocols/research studies can be completed in a reasonable time frame.


  • The prioritisation of new clinical protocols relative to competing studies.
  • Suspension and Closure of Studies
  • Approving Study Initiation


  • The progress of all approved institutional clinical protocols/research studies to ensure adherence to the approved study design.
  • Ensuring Patient accrual is occurring as planned and
  • That observed toxicities and Adverse Events (AEs) are consistent with those expected.


Research Strategic Goals 2011/2013

  • Strategic Goal 1

Continuous Improvement of Clinical Protocols Performance through establishing good clinical practice standards for treatment and supportive care.

  • Strategic Goal 2

Develop ongoing benchmarking comparative Research Publication.

  • Strategic Goal 3

To gain financial sustainability, promote research grants through international collaboration and funding opportunities.

  • Strategic Goal 4

Unleash research development capability in potential areas of focus through shared knowledge and collaboration with the multi-disciplinary team.

  • Strategic Goal 5

Maximize individual motivation and opportunity for skills and retain employees