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Schools Event “What would you do if you were the Minister?”

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Upcoming 57357′s Partner Schools Event Featuring a Competition entitled “What would you do if you were the Minister?”
The children’s Cancer Hospital Foundation is organizing and hosting its annual “Partner Schools Event”  on Saturday , March [...]

AUC President, Lisa Anderson looks forward to collaborating with 57357 in education, research and experimental learning

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7357 is the model Institution AUC wishes to work with in Healthcare Sciences and Education
AUC Trustee, Bruce Ludwig, on visit to 57357: “This is one of the proudest moments I ever had in a long time”

The CCHE hosts its 2nd clinical nutrition conference focused on safe and Healthy nutrition for cancer prevention Closing the event, Scientific Research Minister,

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Nadia Zakhary awards participants, praising their concerted action for spreading awareness Under the patronage of Hospital 57357,