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The Children of Hospital 57357 Face Disease With Courage Your Visit Will strengthen their hope in cure

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The pains of the disease didn’t prevent her from receiving visitors with a faint smile. Her weak body and pale face reveal the long treatment journey that she endures at the Children’s Cancer Hospital going through numerous tests, scans, and the side effects of medication.

A cheerful and crowded day ,spent with 57357′s children under the huge glass ball Bozah musical band, British Petroleum, NGO Resala , Heliopolis Modern Language School delight patients and staff alike

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Under the huge glass ball of Hospital 57357, on May 17th 2012, children with cancer spent one of their most cheerful days with different groups of people, coincidentally deciding to visit 57357 on the same day to delight and entertain them.

Suez Cement employees’ creative comprehensive initiative to support 57357′s children with cancer

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Initiated by the company’s top management, orchestrated by its PR executives, the initiative reinforces the ties between Suez Cement and 57357

For the sake of not turning away any child with cancer

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Because we believe in the right of every sick child with cancer in this part of the world to be cured, we built Hospital 57357 , equipped it with the latest technology

Your Zakat is in a trustworthy place at 57357…so hurry up and support every child with cancer who dreams of a better tomorrow”"

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As expected , the days of this holy Month are going by so rapidly to find the Eid Al Fetr celebrations already at our doorsteps.

I fully support Beggars’ ads

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written by Ghada Zein in akhbarelyom newspaper
I disagree completely with people who criticize the proliferation of fundraising TV ads phenomenon on the basis that such practices are exploiting the poor and the sick to manipulate [...]

The Egyptian consulate in Melbourne promotes Egyptian tourism

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Under the slogan “Rediscover Egypt”, the Egyptian consulate in Melbourne held a big event in celebration of Egyptian culture and Heritage to promote tourism to Egypt.

Hana and Nour donated from their money to 57357 hospital

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hanaa donated by 5 pound    frist and she like it that and donated with more 100 pound
nour donated by 10 pound


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support our children in 57357 with your Zakah you will make their dream come true and give them hope of healing from cancer

This is a message of hope for the triumph of life

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However modest your background may be you can still contribute to curing children with cancer by sending a message to 57357 a L.E 5 donation will be transferred to the hospital.