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Dana-Farber/Children’s Hospital Cancer Center establishes training program with Egypt Cancer Network and Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt

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Egypt-based program for physicians from Egypt, the Middle East and North Africa


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The Famous Retired Footballer ” El-Khatib” Referees an Exciting Match Between 57357′s Team of Children with Cancer and his Football School’s Team

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On Hospital 57357′s grounds, an exciting football match was held between 57357′s team of children with cancer and Mahmoud El-Khatib’s football school team with the famous much loved retired football player El-Khatib himself as referee.

Egyptian Cancer Network Wins $250,000 Top Honor

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The FINANCIAL — Chase announced the winners of the 2012 Chase Community Giving program, a crowd-sourced philanthropy program launched in 2009.

elyoum el sabaa

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In a Rare Appearance in Front of the Camera, the Famous Director Sherif Arafa Calls for the Building of the New 300-bed Annex

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Rarely does the famous director Sherif Arafa face the camera; most of the time, he is directing the actors, actresses and presenters from behind it. One of his rare appearances in front the camera was during his first visit to 57357;

At Hospital 57357, there is a unique atmosphere;

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one of love, warmth, and compassionate giving. There, they always exchange smiles with spontaneity, they are always there to serve and embrace. This special environment which is conducive to wellness captivates every new visitor.

A generous Donation to 57357 from Chinese Huawei Technologies on the Eve of the Eid

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Unanimously requesting to support hospital 57357, Huawei technologies employees direct their top management’s attention to the worthiness of the five year old pediatric cancer center………