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Ibrahim Higazy , Popular 6th of October Hero and Sports Journalist Visits Hospital 57357, lifting up its Children’s spirits with the Hope of Victory over Cancer

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“Whenever you feel disappointed, visit 57357 to see that nothing is impossible. It is a great example of what Egyptians can achieve when they work together as a team.

The story of “Sagdah” , the new-born Arab baby patient , as told by her Mother

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Admitted in 57357 when she was 40 days old, Sagdah has recovered and just celebrated her fourth birthday

Training Hospital Pharmacists Ethiopia 57357

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Together Art Exhibition : Faneya Masreya Art Group resumes drawing smiles on the faces of 57357′s children

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There is a lasting sense of commitment on the part of Faneya Masreya group towards the necessity to support Hospital 57357′s children with cancer by lifting up their spirits through art

Italian initiative in favor of Hospital 57357

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In an article dated Oct. 3, 2012 in El Yom El Sabei , entitled ” the Italian Counselor in Egypt confirms the resuming of Egyptian training missions to Italy”, the outcome of a fruitful meeting between Minister of Culture,

The October Victory Spirit Prevails at Hospital 57357

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A Courageous believer will fight the good fight and will succeed in achievingvictory, not only in a war but also in overcoming any hard obstacles.