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A heartfelt wish for the new year from the father of 57357′s patient Mohamed

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“I wish that Egypt would have a model of Hospital 57537 in every governorate and that 57357 would further expand to be able to admit more children with cancer. May Allah reward everyone who donated to that Hospital and thus contributed in curing my kid”

Benefiting from 57357′s experience, A Saudi charitable entity “Ahyaha” embarks on establishing a similar pediatric oncology center

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Previously, Hospital 57357 had assisted a Sudanese charitable institution on how to go about to establish a Children’s Cancer Hospital similar to 57537.

For the third time, Egypt’s National Soccer Team Coach Bradley visits 57357 with his wife making it a Tradition on the occasion of the Christmas Season

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Bradley: “57357 reminds me of our pediatric centers in America; it has the same warm and caring environment. The workers also are special, spirited and cooperative”.
Appreciating 57357′s  efficient friendly environment  and its  provision of the [...]

An Agreement of Cooperation between Huwei Technologies and Hospital 57357 to Support and upgrade 57357′s IT and Telecommunication System

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Cooperation Agreement between Huwei Technologies and 57357 to upgrade 57357′s IT and Telecommunication System Huwei to share in meeting IT needs facing 57357′s growing research and expansion challenges