Television Program “El-Ahly Today”interviews Dr Sherif Abou El Naga, Vice President of Hospital 57357 for research, academic affairs and outreach

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57357 has proven that sports stars’ social responsibility actions are an important channel for social solidarity and hope in a better future.


Presenter, Yaser Aiuyb, interviewed Dr Shreif Abu el-Naga, the Vice President of Hospital 57357 in his program “El-Ahly Today” on the El-Ahly channel.


The interview was about the social role of soccer players and athletes in general and their contributions to 57357, as the role of well known players is not only limited to the sporting field but beyond in supporting those who need help in our society.


The interaction of the players with 57357 redefined the meaning of social responsibility. They have played a great role in supporting 57357 since its inception up till now. They set an example which was followed by many, like “Bradley”, the American coach of Egypt’s national soccer team.As such, Charitable work is now considered by Egypt’s sports stars as part of their responsibilities towards their communities .


During the interview, Dr. Abou El Naga listed the different contributions of these players to 57357, such as their participation in the naming opportunity program or Charitable Wakf through which they donate the value of a room , or an equipment and for which plaques in honor of their teams are put up on their chosen items all across the Hospital. As such, our sportsmen believe firmly in the importance of being a role model in charitable giving and as they are loved and respected by so many fans, their mobilization of support for the Hospital is of great and positive impact.


The presenter asked Dr Shreif many questions, which are being asked by many, for example :- “Does 57357 accept all children with cancer?”, “is there a link between the Hospital and the former political regime?”, and “Is the Hospital looking forward to future projects ?”

Dr Shreif replied,”57357 is applying a sound and fair process for receiving and admitting patients and you know that cancer treatment takes a long time and lasts for 3 years. Although Hospital 57357 is the largest hospital for children with cancer in the world with a capacity of 185 beds making it even larger than the largest pediatric cancer center in America, St. Jude’s Hospital which has a capacity of 67 beds.  We cannot exceed our capacity as our aim is not providing quantity but quality. “I can’t receive more patients than I have places for or can provide therapy for “, he added, “we provide well trained staff who treat all children with dignity regardless of their social or financial background, all are equal, we now have reached an aver-all survival  rate of 72% in general, 77.3% in leukemia, and 90% in a specific type of lymphoma and we increased the over-all survival rate for brain cancer from 0% to 55%. All these high over-all survival rates mean that we don’t only seek to provide patients with treatment but cure as well. The hospital uses the best technology in the world in all departments and, as one of the Egypt’s most modern advanced project, weare keen on applying best practices of strategic planning as well, as now we are working on increasing the bed capacity over the next 4 or 5 years to be able to accept 70% of all patients. AS such, we are building a 60-bed extension to Hospital 57357 and a new 50-bed branch in Tanta. We are also planning to establish another comprehensive hospital, with the leading technology and an academy of health sciences, which will benefit 57357 and the  whole of Egypt by producing qualified healthcare professionals


In response to the question “is there is a link between 57357 and the last regime?” Dr Shreif replied, “I  reassure all people that Hospital 57357 is an NGO, it wasn’t and it will never be under anyone’s thumb. It is a project built by the efforts and donations of all Egyptians who live both outside and inside Egypt, 38% of donations are given from Egyptians who live outside of the country. If 57357 was under someone’s thumb it would collapse, but instead it reached the highest level of donations in the year of the revolution, which proves that all Egyptians and Arabs are confident  that 57357 is a project owned by all the people and not by specific persons.”


At the end of the interview, Dr Sherif thanked all players in the national soccer team and other athletes. The top players of the El-Ahly sports club have never spared any effort to help 57357, they were so generous that they became a part of the Hospital 57357 family. Then presenter, Yaser Aiyub, ended the interview saying that,” 57357 is a model that we all are proud of, we have to keep protecting and supporting it. ”


Prophet Mohamed, peace be upon him, was truthful when He said ,” the goodness is in my nation until the day of judgment.”