Hospital 57357 honors donors participants in the “Sponsor a sick child” program .

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Article dated Thursday,January12,2012 in el-Wafd newspaper
written by Hazem el-Abeedi

The event which is held in honor of those faithful donors will also present the achievements of the hospital in terms of cure to reach the developed world cure rates of 80-to 85% as recently it has recorded an average of 70% and 85% in specific types of tumors.

The research department of Hospital 57357  plays a great role in achieving these outcomes through conducting serious research work on the epidemiology of the disease and the application of the best treatment protocols to improve patients’ outcomes. Some of these research studies are published in the world renowned medical journals .

The celebration will take place on Saturday ,January 14,2012 and it will last from 10 am to 2 pm .