Hospital 57357 mourns the loss of a dear friend and supporter: Pope Shenouda III

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It is with sadness and a great sense of loss that the 57357 family received the news of the passing away of His Holiness Pope Shenouda III, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of St. Mark.  His visit to the Hospital back in 2008 will remain engraved in the hearts and minds of the staff and management of this institution as a memorable encounter with a strikingly charismatic, humane and learned figure highly regarded not only by the Coptic orthodox community but also by the entire Egyptian People. One will never forget  the excitement and anticipation with which the Hospital community greeted him on that day and how this frail elderly man with eyes reflecting gentleness and extreme profoundness captivated his audience and the sick children he met on his tour of the premises. With  great wisdom and grace, he reflected upon our perplexity and incapability to justify why little children should be sick with cancer. Conveying how proud he was of the 57357 Institution, its humanitarian action and its work team, he revealed that God is pleased when we visit the sick in our communities but how much more  appreciative our Mighty God is for those who actually contribute to their cure and their well being!

His Holiness was particularly grateful of the fact that Hospital 57357 was providing quality comprehensive care to all children with cancer regardless of religion or social background . He always admired how the Hospital was built with the collective fundraising efforts of Muslims and Christians alike and that this Institution is a leading example in how we ought to respect and preserve each other’s dignity despite our differences. All along the years, his Holiness was following its developments and supporting it through personal donations or by encouraging all the Coptic churches and families to contribute to the hospital. Just recently, last December, he donated to hospital 57357 the value of the Augsburg city peace prize  awarded to him recently by a German protestant church for being an accredited mediator for pacifying relations between Muslims and Christians in Egypt.

As you step in the entrance hall of the Hospital , just next to the elevators at the door of the volunteers department, a plaque in the name of Pope Shenouda III stands as a tribute and a legacy of charity in honor of our beloved Pope.