Message of love to the children with cancer for Valentine’s

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Facebook group “57357, we won’t forget you” organizes an event for the children on Valentine’s


Each year, on February14th, people around the world celebrate Valentine’s day as a romantic love day .In fact,this day was celebrated before to commemorate some martyred saints of Rome who were named Valentine during the 2nd and 3rd century,but during the 14th century writers and poets made up stories  linking valentine’s day to romantic love .



As for the 4 year-old Facebook group  ”57357, we won’t forget you”, they linked this day to humanitarian love and celebrated it with Hospital 57357′s patients .The celebration took place at the Hospital’s auditorium,  just few meters to the left of the entrance hall, at noon time.


Patients started arriving to the theater with their parents long before 12, as well as people who travelled to Cairo specially to attend the celebration. The latter  are neither members of the Facebook group nor relatives of the patients. I asked them,’ what made you travel to the hospital?’ they said,’we want to be part of the celebration and share in drawing smiles on the children’s faces, our happiness comes from seeing them happy’


The celebration began with a funny cartoon /puppets show followed by a hand puppet show filling the place with  the children’s laughter and giggling  .

” We will never forget 57357″ members got to know each other through  Facebook .One of the founding members explains,’ Initially we were just Facebook friends, compassion towards the children with cancer is the bond that ties us together; but feelings are not enough so we created the Facebook’ group to start our activities for their benefit. In the first three years we were visiting the children continuously to cheer them up by painting and playing with them and giving parties, and lately we have started  to organize celebrations on certain occasions’


To just feel compassion for the children with cancer is not enough, our feelings of empathy should be translated into supportive actions.The event lasted 2 hours and ended with a joyful and exciting note with the distribution of hundreds of gifts to the children.


Happy Valentine to every one!


The facebook group’ link :لن-ننساكم-57357/202658426425059