People helping People: Pakistan and Egypt join efforts for the sake of children with cancer

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It took a grateful Pakistani family for the recovery of their sick child with cancer at 57357 , the positive feedback of an old time 57357 volunteer and friend of the Pakistani diplomatic mission in Cairo, for the Pakistani Embassy  to decide unanimously to devote part of its annual charity bazaar proceeds to Hospital 57357.The Bazaar held on Saturday, March 3,2012 ,to benefit Pakistan’s flood victims as well, was visited by a large number of Egyptians and representatives of foreign entities and diplomatic missions in Cairo . The event featured the sale of a variety of Pakistani goods and food items, a raffle, an auction on paintings by Pakistani Artists as well as a strong participation of the International Pakistani School in Cairo through its singing choral and students’ artwork and handcrafts on sale. At the bazaar,

I had the opportunity to meet with Mr. Hafez Abassi, general assistant at the Pakistani Embassy and his spouse who praised the quality comprehensive care their son Safiallah received at 57357  at the hands of a professional dedicated work Team sometime after the 25th of January uprising for a period of seven months  as he was diagnosed with leukemia.As we speak, Safiallah has recovered and is back to his normal routine.



I had the pleasure and honor to accompany Her Excellency, Mrs.Seema Naqvi, Ambassador of Pakistan to Egypt  and Mr. Nassir Kashani, Commercial Attaché, on their tour of the premises as they graciously responded to our invitation to visit the Hospital bearing the news of the fundraiser’s outcome. With great interest , Her Excellency followed attentively the briefing on the features, function and operation of each section and unit of the Hospital. She was particularly impressed by the advanced technology, and  the application of strict sanitation and infection control measures.  Moreover, she appreciated the fact that the 57357 Institution is not only concerned with cure but in being a learning organization constantly engaged in learning, training and exchanging knowledge with others. Seizing the opportunity, she proposed to explore venues of cooperation and exchange between one Pakistani Pediatric Cancer Center which was also established through donations and Hospital 57357. Appreciative of the level of professionalism of the Foundation’s fundraising department and how this institution is maintaining its reputation of a financially sound and trustworthy charitable organization, she also expressed her desire to know more about its structure and its ties with the world renowned Association of Fundraising professionals.

At the end of her visit, Her Excellency informs us that her assignment in Egypt is coming to an end but assures that Pakistan and hospital 57357 are joined with ties that can never be broken.