The first school inside a hospital in North Africa

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Under the slogan “Overcome the disease by hope..and learn” Hospital57357  celebrates the in-house MSE/57357 school next Saturday for being the first instituted school inside a hospital in North Africa enabling the sick students to keep up with their schoolwork while they are receiving their treatment in the hospital.


The celebration will be held on March 24, 2012 at 10 am in the auditorium hall and will welcome a large number of sick children and their parents, the school director , teachers and  supervisors of the school grades who all work as volunteers . The minister of Education or his representative will be present as well as hospital management, social workers, and nursing and volunteering departments


The celebration is organized to award both teachers and mangement team of the hospital for volunteering to teach the sick children and their role in fulfilling the Hospital’s mission of providing quality comprehensive care to all children without discrimination , as well as to announce the launching of the secondary school level to complete the school role of encouraging sick students of all levels to keep up with learning and overcome their pains by hope .