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D.Rashid Al-Hamad, speaking

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Camp “Kuwaiti” of the Pharaohs in April

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A salute to our army who always visiting 57357 to support its kids with cancer by their blood and money as well

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A salute to our army who persistently and periodically reach out to our kids with cancer

Time and again, 57357 is recognized as a role model charitable Institution offering free quality healthcare services

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Hospital 57357 to receive award from the Arab Hospitals Federation at the 2013 Cairo Medhealth Forum

In Support of 57357, The Cairo Italian Cultural Institute organizes a Cultural/Charity Event in Celebration of World Poetry Day

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Under the bright starry night of the 21st of March 2013,at the Cairo Opera house’s open air theater ,the Italian cultural institute celebrated UNESCO world poetry day dedicating it to Hospital 57357.

Hospital 57357 is Recognized as Most Important Accomplishment in Modern Day Egypt by The Egyptian Accomplishments Club

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The Egyptian Accomplishments Club announced last Sunday evening that Hospital 57357 was selected by Egyptians as Egypt’s most important modern day achievement .

There is no better than a naming opportunity or a sick child’s treatment sponsorship in her name at Hospital 57357

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Your gift is a good deed on her behalf


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Yussuf’s mother: At Hospital 57357, my children Yussuf and Osamah found the best care and my heart rejoices over their recovery.

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Dr Osamah el-Zomor: In 57357, we Apply the latest protocols for eye cancer and the cure rates are promising .