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Ministry of Scientific Research’s STDF grants 57357 L.E. 10 million to set up a genetic epidemiology center

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This center is an important milestone for 57357 down the road of personalized gene-targeting cancer therapy
Hospital 57357′s research department was recently granted a L.E.10 million by the Science &Technology Development Fund (STDF)

Amr El Leithy’s recent Interview with Dr. Abou El-Naga, VP of 57357 for Research, Academic Affairs and Outreach

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Under the title “what does Egypt need from us?”, thepresenter Amr El-Leethy interviewed  Dr Sherif Abou El-Naga, Vice President of Hospital 57357 for Research, Academic  Affairs and Outreach. Dr Abou El-Naga explained how the dream [...]

Catching up with school work while receiving treatment

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Few years ago, the Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357 was just a dream but today it is a reality. It has become a world leading pediatric oncology center which is embracing numerous novel activities within its premises.

Aiming to spread healthy nutrition awareness for cancer prevention, Hospital 57357 holds the annual school children competition event

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Vice Minister of Education, Mahmoud Wahdan : “Hospital 57357 is a national accomplishment of which we are all proud”
At the annual event for school children organized by Hospital 57357, the Vice Minister of Education, Mr. Mahmoud Wahdan [...]

1st International Pediatric Psycho-Oncology Workshop, 4-7 May 2014

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The Children Cancer hospital CCHE in collaboration with the International Psyhco-Oncology Society is organizing the First International Pediatric Psycho-Oncology Workshop from 4 – 7 May 2014.
The practice of psycho-oncology is new in the developing world. [...]

Another story of victory over cancer recorded at 57357

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Among the students participating in 57537’s annual competition event for school children ,was 12 year old boy “Yussuf “ , who received treatment at 57357 and is on his way to recovery from cancer.

A generous donation from the Insurance Federation of Egypt to 57357 for new medical equipment

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The Insurance Federation of Egypt’s President: “By all accounts, Hospital 57357 is a successful achievement. It provides all kids with cancer with the best treatment for free and without discrimination. “