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CCHF Board of Trustees

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The Children’s Cancer Hospital Foundation has undertaken a major strategy of expansion that will bring the hospital to the level of a health sciences campus addressing state of the art treatment and diagnostics for children with cancer,

Egyptian community in Sydney Hospital supports 57357

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57357′s Intra-Operative Ultra-Sound Brain Tumor Resection Experience Confirms Recent Swiss and North American related findings

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A Milestone for 57357′s positioning as a Leading Center in Pediatric Neuro-Surgery

Saving the 17 month old boy Yussuf’s life with the help of the emergency pharmacists

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Seventeen months old Yussuf saved thanks to Shady, the Triage Pharmacist 57357′s Clinical Pharmacy assigns a triage pharmacist, first position of its kind in Egypt

The world famous Harlem Globetrotters bring their unbelievable basketball skills to 57357′s kids with cancer

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Despite their busy few days in Cairo, where they were scheduled to hold 3 performances at the International Stadium, the Harlem Globetrotters insisted on visiting Hospital 57357′s children with cancer on Thursday, May9, 2013.


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Healthy tips and Guidelines for El Adha Eid Food Consumption

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Before buying the sacrificed animal

The sacrificed animal should be without blemish, advise the experts. They warn against the practice of some merchants of intentionally adding large amounts of salt to animal food.