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Uncle “Ahmed” Vike markets, Egypt

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Tanta 57357 will ease the burden on the main Hospital and is contributing to the enhancement of the Red Crescent hospital

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In the aftermath of the 25th of January revolution, despite the fact that many development projects were put on hold


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We are pleased to announce that the AFNCI Board of Directors has undertaken a major restructuring to meet AFNCI ‘s increase in scope of services

After Touring 57357, Renowned Anchor Amr Adeeb’s Testimonial in “ Cairo today” Show: A Vow that was Fulfilled” I wish the whole of Egypt would be like 57357..”

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Every Part of the Hospital Testifies to How Egyptians are able to Excel and be a Role Model for Integrity” ”

The story of “Maryam” , a five month old baby patient admitted to 57357, as written by her Mother on the internet forum “Fatakat”

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“57357 is presently over-loaded, we have to support the speedy launch of 57357′s Tanta branch for the sake of saving more children with cancer. All other hospitals should learn from 57357’s system and how to [...]

I dream that one day cancer will become as simple to cure as the flu – a few tablets, a few weeks and it is gone.

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“If you share my dream, Support 57357 in Expanding its Research Department to unlock the secrets of this dreadful disease”

Young physician” Mohamed El Shiekh”‘s Testimonial After Receiving Training in Research Methodology at 57357

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“When I first walked into the Hospital, I honestly felt like I walked into another country! Believe me, I am not exaggerating, when I say the Hospital is so clean and organized, it is surprising [...]