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Both Sheikhs, Gamal Kotb and Omar Abd El-Kafi urge people to continuously support 57357

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“I pray to Allah for mercy and cure for 57357’s patients and all other patients as well”, said Abd El-Kafi during his visit to 57357′s children with cancer.

On TV’s early morning program “Sabah On” tours the Hospital and hosts Dr. Sherif Abu El Naga, VP for Research, Academic Affairs and Outreach

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At the start of the interview, Dr. Abu El Naga paid tribute to the Hospital and Foundation Board members, the Staff, and the Donors for their constant efforts to ensure the success and enhancement of the 57357 Institution

57357′s Future 300 bed Tower: Hope for hundreds of children turned down because of outstretched capacity.

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Because we believe in the right of every sick child with cancer in this part of the world to be cured, we built Hospital 57357 and sought latest technology,…..

Follow-up & Psychological Support The 57357 Group…….Our youth who overcame Cancer

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very Thursday , they gather at Hospital 57357’s entrance .

Hospital 57357 House campaign without cancer

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Another milestone for 57357 on the road of improving treatment protocols

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“Outcome of Rhabdomyosarcoma in First Year of Life; Children’s Cancer Hospital-57357-Egypt” is the title of a recent study by a team of 57357 researchers and physicians.

AFNCI Bank Accounts

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AFNCI Bank Account numbers

AFNCI’s New Beginnings

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A year has already gone by to find us celebrating again the start of the Holy month of Ramadan. It has been an exciting year for the Association of Friends of the National Cancer Institute, [...]

Celebrating her recovery, Malak offers Ramadan lanterns to her 57357 friends out of her pocket money

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Malak’s mom ,”I encourage all my friends and family to make an on-going sadaqa to contribute to the up-coming 300 bed tower expansion at 57357″

Swiss Egyptian Business Association (SEBA)’s Children Day Event in favor of 57357′s children with cancer

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Under the auspices of the Swiss Embassy, The Swiss Egyptian Business Association (SEBA) set up a charity event titled “SEBA Children Day”