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The 57357 Foundation revisits its mission to highlight its leading role in cancer prevention

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Embedded in the mission of the 57357 institution is its commitment to serving and taking care of the community by leading in cancer awareness,

57357′s annual Marathon deemed successful thanks to our supporters and friends

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They came in large numbers: sponsors , supporters, friends , school and university students, and sports fans who took part in Hospital 57357’s 4th marathon on Nov.16, 2013. The event was hosted at the Smart villages stadium under the patronage of the Canadian Embassy and the European Union.

At 57357 housekeeping is more than just keeping the facility spotless clean Housekeeper Laila Abd El-Rahman“I am proud of having a job that’s a big help in curing the children with cancer.”

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For cancer patients, ensuring a clean environment is as vital as providing them with the best quality care.

At 57357, our hero “ Bahi” is battling cancer with courage and hope

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Bahi :- “ 57357 saved my life. Here, everything reminds me of the Prophet’s Hadith , “Allah is pleased when you bring to perfection what you have chosen to accomplish”