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Media Figure Osama Kamal visits 57357 for the 1st time

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“I regret not visiting 57357 earlier. During my tour, I saw creativeness, knowledge put into practice, clever management which doesn’t waste money nor time and a respect for citizens’ rights”

For the 1st time, the media figure Osama Kamal paid a visit to 57357. He was welcomed by Dr. Sherif Abouelnaga , VP for Research, Academic Affairs and Outreach who took him on a tour of the various departments of the Hospital.

On the track of 57357’s Quality seeking Journey A Boston delegation of eminent healthcare professionals on a multi-purpose visit to 57357

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Arriving last Saturday( Feb, 15, 2014) to spend barely a week, they had a specific agenda to carry out. Some of them would be selecting along with a 57357 team of Physicians, the final candidates for the joint Dana Farber/Children’s Boston Hospital Cancer Center pediatric oncology fellowship.

Thanks to ECN and its Board President, Dr. Hesham El Seify: Concrete steps on the road of 57357′ s expansion design

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Architectural Firm RTKL delegation with El Seify in Cairo for the design concept

57357 Honors Dr Hisham El Seify for his valuable effort

A smile of hope & a message of love sent from Amira to all her friends at 57357

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Her treating physician,Dr Waael Zekry : Amira is diagnosed with a rare cancer which needed urgent surgery , comprehensive care and vigilant follow-up. Amira is a champion whose laughter is her main weapon to defeat cancer.

Amira is a 6 year old girl. She lives in Elmarg-Cairo. A year and a half ago, she suffered a solid tumor on her side. The x-rays and tests she was asked to do revealed that she had a kidney’s tumor. So, immediately she went to Hospital 57537.

Aletihad Airways’ Marathon “Color their lives” to benefit 57357’s children

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In attendance of: Sheikh Ahmed Bin Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al Nayhyan, Top Aletihad Airways’ officials, the Deputy Commander General of Abu Dhabi Police and the Egyptian ambassador in the UAE

Always in quest for quality: 57357 appoints a clinical pharmacist inside its OR

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First assigned clinical Pharmacist ever in a Hospital OR in Egypt to ensure maximum patient safety
It has been 3 weeks since Ibrahim Abdo Ibrahim was assigned to be continuously present in 57357’s operating theatres to ensure maximum drug administration safety to patients undergoing surgery.