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In Loving Memory of Professor Dr.Reda Hamza

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 The Late Dr. Reda Hamza is the former Dean of the National Cancer Institute and the First President of the Board of the Association of the Friends of the National Cancer Institute (AFNCI) at the [...]

Children helping children

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The three AL Bashaer school students had in the course of their short visit realized the essence and uniqueness of what Hospital 57357 stands for I met with three bright,

A new definition for Happiness

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How hard and painful it is to decide to turn away from a friend, because you are so fearful that she will not live much longer, as she is enduring extreme suffering with the possibility of losing the battle against a dreadful disease, cancer .

Added credibility and improved performance of 57357 Laboratories through Proficiency Testing (PT) A conference to be held at 57357 on June 24th to present the advantages of lab PT by a third Party

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Always in quest of quality, Hospital 57357’s lab department is about to embark on a major assessment journey whereby samples of its clinical chemistry, hematology, immunology, hormonal, and tumor markers tests will be subjected to [...]

Did you know that 57357 is the first hospital in Egypt to educate patients and their families about the treatment ?

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To avoid any complications, as well as to reassure the distressed parents of recently diagnosed children with cancer, a patient counseling unit was established, 3 years ago,

“For the sake of our children…for the sake of our Country”

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Sponsored by the Youth & Sport Ministry and the Tourism Ministry, in coordination with 57357, for the benefit of the children with cancer and the promotion of tourism in Egypt

Citibank staff spend their Volunteer day with 57357′s children with cancer

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Within the framework of their social corporate responsibility, Citibank staff have continuously been devoting their volunteering time to 57357′s children with cancer since the Hospital’s inception.