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57357’s children with cancer enjoy a beautiful Ramadan night

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A celebration held at Beit el-Qadi , under the patronage of the tourism promotion authority, to support children with cancer and tourism
 Last night , in  dazzling folkloric costumes,  a group of 57357’s children spent a [...]

Dr Sherif Yacoub initiates the formation of a volunteering group of fellow Egyptian American radiology oncologists to support 57357

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Dr Sherif Yacoub is an Egyptian American radiology oncologist, who works for the Adams Cancer Center in Pennsylvania, U.S. The last time he worked in Egypt was in 1997. Since then , he always wished to be of help to his country, specifically in the ‘radiation oncology’ field .

The Egyptian community in the United Arab Emirates organize a football tournament in favor of Hospital 57357

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In every corner of the world , Egyptians are always willing to support their home country proving that Egypt lives deep in their hearts, no matter how far away they are. As such , the [...]

57357and Egypt Telecom act promptly in rescue of Society’s most distressed and deprived Thanks to Telecom Egypt, calling 57357’s Hotline 19057 will be for free

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Imagine you are the father of a very sick child with cancer in Alexandria whose chemotherapy session was due on the day when the Prime Minister declared it official holiday so that everybody would go [...]

How hard it is to see a child suffering from cancer, but how soothing it is to relieve a child’s pains

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“Support 57357 and share in the indescribable joy of making precious children’s dreams of cure a reality”, reveals 57357’s long life supporter, Mr. Mohamed Ezzat
In our midst there are many kind-hearted people doing enormous good [...]

A day full of blessings for 57357: Etihad Airways, Sheikh Osama El-Azhari and the Inner Wheel Club (Giza) coincidently visit 57357 to support and cheer up the children

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On May 12, 2014, 57357 was blessed with the visit  of kind-hearted people from different walks of life who coincidentally came to visit 57357′s   children with cancer to offer support and cheer them up. For [...]

Visiting 9 year old Mahmoud in his room after his brain tumor surgery: Ramy Ashour, squash world champion, finds the right words to encourage him

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Mahmoud underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor. Yesterday, he received a special visit by Captain Ramy Ashour,

Today, july 7, 2014 marks the seventh anniversary of Hospital 57357.

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On this occasion, our thoughts go out to the late  P.Dr. Reda Hamza, former Dean of the National cancer Institute to whom we are grateful for having initiated the idea  of building a hospital  for  [...]

Every day , 57357 volunteers draw smiles on our children’s faces In the holy month of Ramadan , 57357’s volunteers intensify their efforts to welcome 57357’s visitors and guide anyone who needs help

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57357 volunteers are important contributors in the mental health care that 57357 provides to its children with cancer . Each one of the 400 volunteers , gives his/her time to the children with the utmost [...]

A generous donation by the Misr Magistrates Club and on-going support from 15000 of its members to 57357

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“57357 is a national source of pride with worldwide recognition” affirms the Club president, Ahmed El Zend
Last week, 57357 welcomed the visit of magistrate Ahmed El Zend, president of the Egyptian Magistrates Club accompanied by [...]