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Reviving the October war spirit inside 57357 57357’s children with cancer participate in the 41st commemoration of the October war victory War veterans and martyrs’ families retell the heroic stories

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This was no ordinary day at 57357. This day, the 57357 children with cancer were able to feel the spirit of the October 1973 war that they have not seen. They recollected with our war [...]

For the sake of raising awareness for 57357: The curious case of Cerner’s VP and managing Director for Africa and the Middle East , Mike Pomerance’s Ice Bucket Challenge

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It was no surprise to hear that Mike Pomerance, Cerner’s VP and managing Director for Africa and the Middle East has accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness about the necessity to donate to Hospital [...]

The October Spirit lives on inside 57357′s walls

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41 years have already gone by since the great October War….nevertheless, with each passing year we feel  the
same joy and pride we experienced on that glorious 6th of October day in 1973…
The October spirit is also [...]

Inside 57357……different living examples for bravery, endurance, and challenge

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Patients who excelled in fighting the disease and in studying, turning their ordeal into success stories Our heroes confirm that 57357 is all together a hospital, a home, and a school After 3years of treatment, [...]

During their visit to the Suez canal area in the company of October War heroes: 57357 children are encouraged, empowered, lifted up and challenged to defeat cancer

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GeneralMohamed Farag to the children: Army men are always ready to sacrifice their lives for Egypt
General Adel Ghadban:  Egyptians’ generosity was behind 57357’s success and once again behind the Suez canal Project
Dr. Mohamed Gemea: [...]