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Egypt will remain the Heart of the Arab World and “the Home” of all Arabs.

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For the first time in Egypt and in favor of 57357:
A third edition for the annual New York-based Charitable Zayed Marathon
The minister for youth and sports: the marathon is fulfilling humanitarian, touristic and sports-related goals…we [...]

Omar, a 57357 cancer survivor, inspires his university peers to accompany him on a visit to the hospital

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“Hospital 57357 is my second home. Today I walk around it with a different feeling. I am no more a patient receiving treatment or on a routine follow-up visit. Today, I am a visitor within [...]

For the sake of not turning away any child with cancer: Launch of 57357′s 60 bed extension

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Thanks to donors support, the new extension to raise Hospital capacity by 1/3

Thanks to our donors’ support, Shaimaa and many like her will finally be comfortably hospitalized. Shaimaa is the first patient to occupy a bed in the newly launched 60 bed extension.

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Lately, because of over-stretched capacity, the Hospital administration resorted to admitting a number of emergency cases needing hospitalization in a secluded area of the day-care originally set-up to receive adolescents who require privacy during their [...]

El Sheikh Mashary Rashed: Hospital 57357 is a source of pride for Egypt and its people, I am delighted by my visit and Pray God that all our patients would be cured.

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I am pleased to discover how committed, staff and administration, are to scientific research to improve patients’ outcomes and unlock the secrets of cancer causes and prevention