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Hope, at the center of the Arabic Academy for Sciences, Technology, and Maritime Transport’s Visit (AASTMT) to 57357 AASTMT President, Ismail Abdel Ghaffar : “We needed to come into contact with this success story and this icon of change”

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A bright initiative on the part of 57357 and the Arabic Academy for Sciences, Technology, and Maritime Transport , to bring together two Institutions which symbolize hope; setting up a visit by the Academy’s students [...]

“The role of businessmen, companies, and banks in developing civil society’s projects”

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Forum For a brighter Future for our Communities and our Nation
The Children’s Cancer Hospital Foundation 57357 takes pleasure in inviting you to attend this forum which seeks to shed light on the contribution of firms to [...]

57357’s awareness cartoon film selected for 2015 Cairo International Cinema &Arts Festival for Children

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The 57357 Institution welcomed with great satisfaction the news that its cancer awareness cartoon film titled “ Home without cancer” was selected to be part of the 22nd edition of the Cairo International Cinema and [...]

To Promote Cancer Awareness and Prevention: 57357 Celebrates International childhood Cancer Day

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On the occasion of International Childhood Cancer day, Hospital 57357 is organizing a special event aiming at increasing awareness about cancer disease and its prevention and encouraging students to take up and participate in cancer [...]

Nebras Co. lights up Hospital 57357 with free environmentally friendly LED light bulbs:

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Less energy consumption and expenditure, more environmental protection and patient care.
 Because of its  concern for environmental protection and energy saving, Hospital 57357’s administration welcomed with great enthusiasm the generous offer of Nebras Co. to switch [...]

Ahmed, a 6 year old champ from zaqaziq who overcame leukemia and looks up to be a physician

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Ahmed’s Father: my prayer is to see the hospital the largest and best Hospital in the whole world, so that you would be at the service of all the poor who have no one to [...]

In support of 57357’s mission and future expansion: El Ahly Board and the Army’s Nursing School visit the children Mahmoud Taher, El Ahly Board President: This is a leading example in healthcare, education and Economics

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This was a lovely day for the children during which feelings of joy at the presence of football stars were mixed with pride with the army’s female nurses.
In appreciation for 57357’s medical and humanitarian mission [...]