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Five year old patient Farida, is planning on two gifts for her two Moms for Mother’s day

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Thanks to 57357’s multidisciplinary treatment approach, Farida was rescued from severe malnutrition consequences
Farida, did you think of a gift for your mom for Mother’s day ? asked Dr. Emad Moussa, Farida’s physician, while examining her [...]

57357 is privileged to receive support from Egyptian Intelligence Men A donation by Egypt’s Secret Service allocated to the treatment of the children

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With each passing day, we hear of the initiatives, sacrifices and acts of courage by men of the Secret Service reflecting their patriotism and loyalty to their country.
With their recent charitable deed in 57357, they [...]

A joyful day for 57357’s children at the Military Academy Armed Forces’ Heroes welcome 57357’s brave children with great kindness and compassion

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We are all familiar with the bravery and self sacrificing aspects of their personalities but some of us are ignorant as to their faith, kindness, compassion, and generosity. These are our Armed Forces’ heroes, the [...]

The story of a “naming opportunity ” donation from Ein Shams Alson Faculty A step on the path of Goodness

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This place inspires me to believe that we, all of Egypt’s students, can be doing a lot of good around us and that goodness is prevailing in our Land. My message to each and every [...]