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57357 receives El Sharka Prize for volunteer work

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The Hospital is a model for the provision of free quality care and a leading example for change through the pursuit of education, training and scientific research.
In appreciation for 57357’s humanitarian role and work at [...]

The Children’s Cancer Hospital Foundation has the pleasure to invite you to its annual School event

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 ” Be a role Model”
On Saturday 25th at 10am at Hospital 57357
The competition between students from preparatory and secondary school levels encourages them to revisit the features and traits of a  respectable person, a responsible [...]

Ali and Mohamed, offspring of the “Men- producing Factory”

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Ali Saad Zohni and Mohamed Eid Abdel-Naby are two of our finest youth, offspring of the” Men- Producing Factory” .They are widely recognized  for  their strength and courage but few of us are aware of [...]

Clinical pharmacy in the UK: from university to national polic

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From science to practice: education and accreditation of pharmacy courses in the UK

Upon President El Sissi’s meeting with charity initiatives and organizations

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Article by Nour Zulfikar in El Yom El Sabei:
Upon President El Sissi’s meeting with charity initiatives and organizations:
The necessity for civil society and Government’s institutions to join forces for improving the quality of life of [...]